Number Bonds by Thinkout at top-10 list at Apps4Kids

2012-02-28 15:25 by Johan Ranstam
Badge from Apps4Kids

Nice badge!

Apps4Kids just finished a review of Number Bonds by Thinkout… And we’re happy to say that they found the app appealing. Enough so to put it in their top 10-list of tested apps! This is what they wrote:

Why we like this app?
A fantastic introduction to numbers through visualizing quantities. Adorable characters and a fantastic interface. A must have!”

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We’re both grateful and proud! During the work with the app, a lot of effort was put into creating likable but not distracting graphics. It was a true challenge, especially since there’s so many nice looking apps out there. One of the fundaments of Thinkout – a driving force for the founder Rolf Skoglund as findings by Professor Diana Laurillard (on who’s research the app was based) – is to work with the curiosity of children, something that can be done by working with their passion: play. And there, great graphics certainly isn’t to your disadvantage.