We celebrate our first app award nomination!

2012-02-27 10:59 by Johan Ranstam
Readers' Choice Finalist at About.com

Number Bonds by Thinkout is nominated!

About.com has an award where readers gets to nominate and vote for the best app for children with special needs. It’s called Favorite Special Needs App, and Number Bonds by Thinkout, suiting for anyone who wants to learn numbers – special needs or not – was nominated! We’re so proud, and especially so since a nomination in this prestigious category means that the app delivers to the hardest group of all.

Number Bonds by Thinkout is based on research on children with dyscalculia (number blindness), so it doesn’t come as a great surprise to us, but none the less – it’s plenty of joy to see it in the nominee list. With its focus on using the child’s curiosity and passion for play, the app sets the child in a situation where learning numbers can be done without stress and being positively reinforced from feedback loops. It optimizes the learning, and learn children with difficulties understanding number grasping the concept as well as starting the learning of number earlier than would otherwise be the case with children without number difficulties – with parents eager to set their child onto a learning path.

Thank’s to everyone out there that nominated us for the award! If you haven’t voted: it’s open until March 21 – vote now!